All My Great Excuses

This is my favourite poem these days. (by Kenn Nesbitt)


Spring (Vivaldi)

A little music for my faithful readers. I hope you enjoy it! Feel free to like and comment on it on YouTube.

Parent note: I recommend watching this and (since it is my own) and I give it 5 stars.

KidZania – Dubai

KidZania is a place just for kids.  In KidZania children can go around and do jobs and earn money or, you can do things to entertain you which cost (fake) money and you can shop and of course spend money.  Kidz’o’s is KidZania’s local currency.

You can even make your own coke but, since it isn’t a job you have to pay Kidz’o’s.  You are permitted to drink the coke and I highly recommend doing this activity. The coke tasted like the real thing! I ate at  McDonald which you need to pay with real money.

My favorite jobs are the firefighters and the doctors. The firefighters go around in a fire-truck and chant “ KidZania, Firefighters!” and sometimes they do the building-in-flames activity where there is a building and it is on fire (it is not really on fire but the staff of KidZania make the effects really realistic) and behind it there are some water squirters and they use that to put out the fire! The hospital job is when you go around in an ambulance and you have a patient at a random spot and they have face paint on to make it look like blood. But the fake blood doesn’t look real. After that you help the patient and puts him/her on the stretcher.

I highly recommend you to give this opportunity to your child(ren) as it is very fun and educational.

Cirque du Soleil

Cirque du Soleil is an incredible circus. There are no animals in it but that doesn’t mean it is not good. It is truly outstanding! In my opinion, and a lot of other peoples’ opinion, Cirque du Soleil is the best circus in the world!

My favorite acts were the clowns (which are hilarious) and the trampolinist bouncing on trampolines from high spots then running up  a wall (watch below) and the rest is hard to describe. And if  you don’t believe me go and see one of their acts! Anyway I think Cirque du Soleil is for kids, adults, boys and girls of all ages

At Cirque du Soleil one of the acts are hoops and people jump through it. Sometimes there are two hoops but sometimes there are three and more. The smallest hoop is  mostly at the bottom, because it is at the bottom and it is smaller than the other hoops it is immensely hard to jump through. There are some acts when a ton of people are hanging from a rope sort of thing that is hanging from  the ceiling.

The music that the musicians play is truly magical. The musicians play behind the stage. There are some special effects like a foggy thing that you can see usually at the beginning of an act.

Here is the trampoline act that we saw in Dubai (Dralion).

The Tintin Series

Tintin is probably my favorite comic book series. If you know Astrix and you like it you should get some of the Tintin books and if you like Tintin you should get some Astrix books. Tintin is a reporter and a sort of a detective. Tintin goes around solving mysteries with his friend Captain Haddock, the sea captain, and sometimes Thompson and Thomson, the police.

Tintin is a comic book that if you like adventure and you like mysteries then you should read one.  There is only one book I think negatively about, the first one, because the drawings are not as good and I kept losing track of who is Tintin. There is also a movie that’s sort of animated with incredible graphics.

Parent note: I think the comic series is about 5+ and I give this book 5 stars’

Tintin - Red Sea Sharks Cover

The Roman Mysteries Series

The roman mysteries are a series of books that I really enjoy.  I’m still reading them and if you read books really fast you should get this book for two reasons.

  • 1. The series has tons of books, more than 14!
  • 2. The books are  long, around 240 pages.

The series is called the roman mysteries  because there are four kids: Flavia, Jonathan, Nubia and Lupus. They all love to solve mysteries. The setting is based in Roman times (no not the times of Julius Caesar) but beware, it isn’t always set in the same place.  For instance it is sometimes set in Ostia (a town which is very close to Rome) sometimes set in Rome and so on and so forth.

Flavia, Jonathan, Nubia and Lupus are always finding themselves in mysteries like the one that I’m currently reading, in which they have to find the gem for the Emperor of Rome. Another one like the first one they have to find a dog murderer, etc.

Parent Note: This series is very good. I would give it 5 stars as it is the best series that I read in my 9 years!

Diary Of A Wimpy Kid – Cabin Fever

Diary of a wimpy kid is a book that I think is really good because it has well described characters and the book is hilarious. My favorite part is when Manny (Greg’s younger brother) turns off the whole electricity for his house except his room and left Greg, Rodrick and Mum freezing in the house (Dad wasn’t freezing because he was in a hotel).  Manny took most of Greg’s good food and ate some and hid the rest.  Manny had other things that he stole from his family such as Santa’s scout, Alfrendo (Greg’s doll).  And there are so many more funny bits.

I would say the age group is for 7+ and I would give this book 5 stars and I think parents should get this book! If you like the other books and the movies then just get this book.

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